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Rugged Hydrant Adapters for Easy Thread Pattern Conversion

Used to convert from one thread pattern to another, a fire hose adapter needs to be easy to assemble to fight fire fast. Our fire hydrant adapters allow you to:

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  • Incorporate an elbow or turn of varying degrees into a straight-line type application
  • Connect two different thread configurations
  • Reduce from one diameter size to another

Each durable fire hydrant hose adapter is manufactured from extruded “aircraft-grade” aluminum, brass, stainless steel and polycarbonate plastic. Aluminum fire hydrant hose adapters feature a “hard coating” application that yields three times the strength of brass, while weighing about a third less. Brass fire hose adapters are engineered for rough service and are ideal in marine-type applications, or where salt spray is predominant.

Each polycarbonate/Lexan plastic fire hose adapter is designed for light to moderate use, and engineered to be lightweight and easy to handle. Chrome plating and stainless steel is available on most sizes and configurations of each hydrant adapter.

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